Sacred Landscape Paintings

Painting the landscape has always been as much a spiritual expression as a representation of beauty for me. It is a celebration of the Earth and its cycles in nature, as well as a reverence towards the Creator of this life. The four essential elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire play heavily in my interpretations of the locations that I paint. While I find inspiration in every corner of the globe, I am particularly drawn to the American West. Its vistas seem to emanate all that is Divine on this Earth.

The use of gold leaf in depictions of the spiritual in Art dates back hundreds of years. In an homage to this practice, I often use gold, silver or copper leafing as a ground for my oil paintings. As a result, the paintings take on a reverential tone, while also creating a sense of movement.

Mainly a studio painter, I paint from photographs and memories of the places I have lived and visited. Friends and relatives also share their images with me, which enables me to celebrate places through their eyes and experiences. I also work from photographs on a commission basis. I will gladly paint one of your favorite places for you! Contact me through this page to discuss the creation of your special memory.